For all, with all.

At Any1 Choco, we believe there's nothing like indulging in delicious sweets with someone special.
Our chocolates are crafted with the goodness of plant-based ingredients and original cutting-edge technology. Any1 Choco is an innovative experience transcending individual preferences and backgrounds - setting a new standard for chocolate brands.
Our mission is to create a beautiful future where everyone, regardless of where they are or who they're with, can share and enjoy delicious treats together.

Delicious Chocolates
For All

Traditional chocolates aren’t always for everyone – many chocolates use dairy, gluten, and other non-cocoa ingredients. At Any1 Choco, we make chocolates that are accessible and delicious. Our entire range – not limited to our dark chocolates – is crafted from carefully selected ingredients, making our chocolates 100% plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Transforming Chocolate Making with Cutting Edge Technology

We make irresistible chocolates using purely plant-based ingredients. How? Our new, original technology allows us to distill and capture the essence of diverse ingredients, packing each bite with lots of flavor. We completely reimagined the chocolate-making process, streamlining the cocoa refining stage. This allows us to craft chocolates using different ingredients in a small factory.

Pioneering the New Standard for Chocolates

Any1 Choco 's uniqueness goes beyond its ingredients and flavor. We aim to spread happiness among our consumers, creators, and growers by updating manufacturing techniques. Our innovative technology guarantees the hygienic processing of raw materials. We're pioneering new applications for cocoa shells that were once discarded, fully leveraging nature's gifts. Our mission is to share this revolutionary technology globally, bringing joy to chocolate lovers everywhere. We’re here to lead a chocolate revolution from Asia and set a new standard for the future of chocolate.