Our chocolate products are made entirely from plant-based ingredients. We make use of the flavors and textures of carefully selected cacao beans to create a chocolate experience unique to Any1 Choco.


Any1 Choco's original chocolate bars, made from 100% plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free ingredients. Plant-packed, rich, and deep flavors.

  • Dark

    60% Cacao. Made with cacao from Vietnam, these chocolates are just the right amount of sweet and bitter.

  • Milk

    Made with Ghanaian cacao and plant milk, with a gentle, soft flavor. Dairy-free.

  • White

    Made with quality cocoa butter and plant milk, with vanilla seeds for a refreshing aftertaste. Dairy-free.


Chewy mochi-like sweets packed with chocolate and flavored powder. These dragees are made entirely from plant-based ingredients. An Any1 Choco twist on traditional dragees.

Choco Drink In-Store

A delicious drink created using our plant-based chocolates. A refreshing, smooth beverage with a variety of flavors to choose from. Enjoy either hot or cold, just as you like it.

Choco Ice In-Store

A new, ice-cream-inspired treat made with plant-based milk. Chocolate-flavored with a refreshing finish.